perjantai 31. lokakuuta 2014

75. Forest is where I belong// Part two of the Dreamscape series

I figured out a name for this series! 


Photos in this series are based on the moods in my dreams, and always contain some elements from my dreams, and an item from my childhood. 
The bear in these photos is from our artist neighbor who moved away and sold all her belongings, I got the bear for free and it quickly came one of my favorites. It used to smell so bohemian, old stained cigarette and incense, it was a really special smell, and I can still remember it sometimes.

The model is beautiful and lovely Oona Inkeri, who also keeps a blog, you can check her blog from here:


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  1. Vähän hyttysenpuremat näkyy, mutta ei ne haitannu :D Oli kivaa<3

    1. Haha empä muuten kiinnittäny huomiota vasta kun nyt! XD Tokavikasta kuvasta itseasiassa editoin pois juuri imemässä olleen hyttysen sun kädestä! :D